Instant 401(k)

Solo 401K Plan Compliance
"Mandatory" 2018 Annual Document Compliance Fee
2017 Year End Plan Information Request

Very Important ! Your plan document is an IRS approved qualified Volume Submitter document. The IRS REQUIRES that all pension documents be maintained to comply with the IRS code governing pension documents. Failure to maintain your plan document puts your pension assets at great risk. If your plan is audited by the IRS and determined to be out of compliance it could be disqualified.  If a plan is disqualified all plan assets will revert back to the plan sponsor and become taxable. In addition the IRS is likely to impose fines and penalties. It is important that this form be completed accurately and submitted to PATA at your earliest convenience to accurately report and maintain your plan document.

For a plan to rely on PATA’s IRS approved plan document PATA requires that an annual document compliance fee is paid. PATA uses this form to update contact information as well as to collect the annual document fee of $150. Failure to complete this form and remit the document compliance fee will result in your plan being purged from PATA’s plan database and further plan updates.

Plan administration and the form 5500
A Solo plan is in fact a full fledged 401(k) plan that is not required to file the IRS form 5500-SF electronically due to the fact that the sponsoring business does not employ any rank and file employees. Solo 401(k) plans though are required to file a form 5500-EZ but only when the plan's total assets exceed $250,000 as of the last day of the plan year (Dec 31).

Do you need a form 5500-EZ? If you can answer yes to either of the following questions then you are required to file a form 5500-EZ:

  • Are the assets of the plan ( including receivables, loans and rollovers ) greater than $250,000 as of December 31, 2017?
  • Was the plan closed or terminated during the plan year (2017)

Is the plan still a solo 401(k)?

If your company has grown and your workforce has increased then your plan may no longer be considered a Solo 401(k). What you have now is a full fledged traditional 401(k) that must pass non-discrimination testing, coverage testing, and must file a form 5500-SF electronically.

Please complete the form below and submit it to PATA: